Long time no update (next game, etc)

Hello everyone, figured I'd make a post on all my games to make sure everyone who follows me here knows I'm still doing stuff (sorry in advance if you see this 5 times).

Dropping off this post to give a couple of updates on things, the biggest one first is my next game.  I've been working on it for almost two years now, and am about half way through it (finally). Last December I made a little update video showing just how much has gone into it so far:

As you can see, it's a bit.

I don't have a definitive release date, but hopefully it won't take me another two years to finally finish this.

The other thing is letting you all know where you can find me and see me more active. Itch io is a great site, but not a great place if you want to know what the devs you follow are currently doing and such.

I post the most over on my twitter, and even make little dev updates from time to time showing just how far along I've gotten. I also have links there to my sites such as curiouscat if you ever want to drop a question or just say hi, and even my ko-fi if you like my content enough to drop me a couple bucks.

Sorry for the radio silence, but I'm hoping that it won't take TOO long for this next game to be finished in at least its sketch form.

Thanks for reading, see you all next time!

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