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I gotta say I really enjoyed it and played both the girl's and boy's routes. I am wondering if you could make it into a full VN like a romance one or something along the lines of that.

Amazing game!! It'd be nice if you could make it longer with some romance, but still good nonetheless! Keep up the good work <3


The game was so amazing! The characters were all interesting, and you could tell which subunits they were inspired by, haha. (That Guilty Kiss reference tho)

In general, this was one of the cutest VNs I've ever read. I'm playing Halloween Live right now !


REALLY great game! But I'm really sad to see how short it was, so I hope you make more! (I'm downloading the Halloween sequel as I'm typing this. )


This game was so awesome, it has inspired me to make my own school idol visual novel! I really love your art and the story was so cute! 

By the way, that Guilty Kiss reference was beautiful. XD


I finished the game and I'd like to say I loved it!
Being a fan of school idols myself I thoroughly enjoyed the story and cast and as well as how the story joined both female & male MC's routes together!
Also not to mention those sweet Love Live references were pretty great.